Our Team

Matthew Whitaker
Founder, Director of Market Development

Matthew is a student of the book Good To Great and is passionate about building gkhouses to become the best property management company on the planet; and maybe even the universe if Elon Musk will hurry up. To do that, he spent the first seven years of gkhouses in the trenches but now focuses most of his time facilitating growth in other markets. Entrepreneurship runs in the family. His wife runs a successful business called Engaged. You can usually find Matthew at the baseball field with his son, at a dance recital with his daughter or at his favorite restaurant with his wife, when he’s not in the office. And if you can’t find him any of those places, it probably means he’s traveling. Hometown: Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Spencer Sutton
Director of Marketing

Spencer wakes up with Google and Facebook on his mind. His passion is all things marketing and lead generation - both new owners and new tenants! Having bought and sold over 150 homes in Birmingham (even making money on SOME of them), he gets a kick out of helping new and seasoned investors navigate the mistakes he made as an investor. Spencer is also passionate about his love for Michael Jordan and does his best to explain to the Millennials (who never saw him play live) how much better he was than LeBron. Spencer has traveled to some of the most remote parts of the world with Neverthirst (India, Sudan, South Sudan, Nepal, Central African Republic, etc..) but mostly loves to hang out with his wife, kids, and the world’s best black lab, Jett. Hometown: Mtn. Brook, Alabama

Curren Melgarejo
Team Leader - Little Rock

Curren is the Team Leader for our Little Rock office. There isn't anything he can't do - both in and out of the office. Need a fantasy football coach? Need a car fixed? Need a poker partner? Need impeccable books and innovative reports? Need a Team Leader? Curren's got it handled. His professional passion is financial analysis and reporting, and he firmly believes that "information is everything" when it comes to providing our clients with relevant data. He is so valuable to gkhouses and our customers that we overlook his obsession with the NFL and disdain for college football. Outside of the office Curren enjoys spending time with his family and playing basketball. Hometown: San Clemente, California.

Duncan Murphy
Team Leader - Nashville

Duncan has been with gkhouses since 2015 and is our Nashville Team Leader. Duncan is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of our Nashville office. In this role, Duncan is involved in owner communications which include updates on maintenance issues, owner statements, as well as fielding a variety of questions about Nashville rental properties. Duncan graduated from the University of Alabama in 2013 with a major in Marketing and a specialization in real estate. He moved to Birmingham to continue to build on his knowledge and passion for real estate and to start his career in the field. When he is not focused on real estate in the Nashville area, Duncan enjoys being on a golf course or in the outdoors! Hometown: Fairhope, Alabama

Gray Hall
Team Leader - Denver

After graduating from Auburn University and a two-year stint in East Asia, Gray moved back to Birmingham and joined the gk team as a Leasing Co-ordinator. From there he became the Birmingham Team Leader and has since moved to Denver! He handles daily operations as well as owner communication and is driven by providing the very best in customer service. We are excited he is taking on a new adventure out in Denver for us, but sure do miss him here in Birmingham! When Gray is out of the office he enjoys skiing, camping, climbing and being on the water. Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Alex Smith
Team Leader - Chattanooga

Alex joined the gk team as a Leasing Co-ordinator and since has moved into our coveted Owner Communication role. Alex graduated from Auburn in 2011 and from Alabama in 2014 with a Masters degree in Marketing. If you're wondering, he is an Auburn fan all the way. Alex lives, eats and breathes Jiu-Jitsu! When he isn't in the office he is either keeping track of Auburn football or helping his wife study for medical school! Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Jacob West
Operations Manager

Jacob has become famous in our office for his random thoughts and timely one liners. On top of that, he's a whiz with the numbers! Jacob learned accounting while he was still in high school working in the family business. He also studied it formally at The University of Alabama. In college, he fell in love... with real estate! After completing his MBA, he decided to combine his passion for real estate and his accounting skills, which led him to gkhouses! Jacob and his wife love to cook exotic dishes. When Jacob's not in the office, you can find him wading a local waterway with his fly rod and his faithful dog Charlie. Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Tim Mbogo
Accounting Manager

Tim was born in Kenya, Africa but moved to America when he was 7. He grew up in Birmingham and eventually attended Mississippi University for Women (yes, they do accept men, and yes it is a real school). Tim is known at gkhouses for always showing up with the sharpest outfit in the room. In his free time he enjoys watching sports, specifically basketball and soccer. You'll catch him discussing the stats every morning in huddle with the team. He also enjoys coaching his sons athletic teams and not getting yelled at by the other teams parents and coaches.

Maya Madden
Business Development Manager

As one of our Business Development Managers, Maya is responsible for communicating with prospective owners in several of our markets. If you are interested in renting out your home, she is the woman to call! Raised by two entrepreneurs, Maya grew up knowing she wanted to be her own boss. Before she began college she backpacked Guatemala, The East Coast of Australia and New Zealand's North and South Islands alone!  Outside of the office, Maya owns and operates her own linguistics company and enjoys spending time with her Chocolate Labrador - Patch, friends and family. Hometown: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Reagan Hopp
Business Development Manager

Reagan has a deep love for teaching and practicing yoga as well as spending quality time outdoors. That is why she is entirely at home in Colorado's Front Range. At gkhouses, Reagan serves as our Business Development Manager for Colorado, where she has the pleasure of interacting with potential clients. When we asked what she wished every rental house owner knew about gkhouses, she said, "I wish that they knew gkhouses always has their best interests at heart...the staff at gk genuinely wants our owners to be happy and our tenants to enjoy their rental homes to the fullest extent." If you are considering property management in Denver, Boulder, or Fort Collins, you need to speak with Reagan!

Meagan Walker
Application Underwriter

Born and raised in Hazel Green, Alabama, Meagan moved to Birmingham to study Business and English literature at the University of Montevallo. She quickly fell in love with the city and moved with her pup Karma. She is passionate about writing and published her first novel at the age of nineteen! She manages underwriting for our prospective tenants and assists our owner communication team! She is known in our office for her quick wit and love of black coffee. When she isn’t working as the application underwriter at gk, she can probably be found with her nose in a book, throwing a tennis ball for her border collie, or listening to Muse.

Ashley Ann Brannen
Owner On-boarding Specialist

Ready to move forward with gkhouses? Great! Ashley Ann is our owner onboarding specialist and will be your main point of contact for your first 100 days with us. She was born and raised in South Georgia but moved to Tuscaloosa in 2012 to attend The University of Alabama. She graduated in 2016 with her Bachelor’s degree and moved to Birmingham to get her real estate license and begin her career in the industry. She is responsible for communicating with our new owners for their first 100 days at gkhouses! When Ashley Ann isn’t in the office you can find her playing with her dog Baron, or at her favorite place: Tybee Island, GA. Hometown: Statesboro, GA.

Paloma Galvan
Maintenance Coordinator

Don't tell Paloma that it's time for Drew Brees to retire! She's an avid Saints fan having spent a lot of her childhood in New Orleans. Paloma is passionate about customer service and is currently growing and improving our maintenance team! She manages vendor contracts, our maintenance technicians, dispatching and all of our maintenance team members. If you are interested in being a vendor for gkhouses, Paloma is your contact! Hometown: Aguascalientes, Mexico

Bryant Ipatzi
Operations Coordinator

When it comes to communication, Bryant excels! He assists the gkhouses with everything involving utilities, property management techs and section 8! We are so thankful for his customer service skills and ability to hustle. Born in Ventura, CA., and raised in Laredo, TX, Bryant moved to Mexico when he was 12 and has been there ever since! He is married with two young children and enjoys spending his free time with his family and traveling.

Ari Eudave
Tenant Communication Specialist

Ari serves as one of our best in tenant communications. She spent her childhood in Chicago but eventually moved to Aguascalientes, Mexico to be close to her family. When Ari isn't helping our tenants find answers to their questions, you can find her reading! She is a firm believer that no matter how hard or difficult something appears to be, if you continue working and never give up, you will succeed! Ari is married with a young son.

Frank Munoz
Tenant Communication Specialist

Frank joined GK Houses in 2018 and works with our tenant communication team. Frank is from Chicago which he left to travel Europe for 6 months back in 2009. In the last 9 years, Frank has worked in many customer service and purchasing management roles and is ready to offer our customers the best service. Frank has a Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Trade and Business and in his free time, he enjoys traveling, reading, running and cooking!

Will Morton
Team Leader - Birmingham

Will Morton joined the gkhouses team in May of 2019 and is now the Birmingham Team Leader. Will graduated from the University of Alabama in 2003 and spent the last 15 years in the Logistics/Transportation Industry before joining the team at gkhouses. When Will is not at work he spends the majority of his time with his wife of over 14 years and his 2 children. Will enjoys baseball and spending time in the outdoors hunting and fishing. 

Erica Golditch
Operations Manager

As a native to Colorado, Erica moving to Denver and joining the team, is more than just happen chance. After graduating from the University of Kansas, she couldn’t have been more excited to come back home to be close to her family and the mountains! Erica isn’t afraid of the occasional life obstacle and is continually motivated by her drive to own her own hotel. Her ambitious mindset and competitive attitude will help gkhouses grow to new heights! Though hard work is a priority for Erica, that doesn’t stop her from having fun. As a dog mom of two, Erica spends most of her time outside of work catering to her pups, Puffin and Moose.

Eddie Campbell
Maintenance Director

Eddie is the Maintenance Director for our Denver office. He started working with us July of 2019. His duties include managing the personnel and vendors we use to provide quality living accommodations to our tenants and peace of mind to our property owners. Eddie is a U.S. Army veteran who served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom during 2012 in Afghanistan and is a graduate of UCCS with a BA in Economics. Eddie is constantly trying to learn and refine his skill set, but when he isn't putting his nose to the grind stone he can be found at home working on his cars and spending time with his wife and 3 sons.

Nash Banuelos
Tenant Communication Specialist

Nash grew up within a bicultural environment, which helped her gain perspective and insight, but also made her feel a little bit like a permanent foreigner at times. She used this in her favor by always thinking outside of the box and focusing on self-growth, learning, and in gaining useful skills for professional development, taking the best of two worlds.  Nash majored in Industrial Engineering and has mostly worked in translation, transcription services, language instruction for business communication and in corporate oriented customer service. She is now part of our Tenant Communications team in Birmingham.

Gabrielle Taylor

Gabrielle is our receptionist here at GK Houses. She is the friendly voice that greets you over the phone and a familiar face to those of you who visit our Birmingham location. Gabrielle is extremely diligent, organized and enjoys helping others. While in college she had the opportunity to work for Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. During her time working for Disney she mastered her customer service skills. When Gabrielle is not working as our receptionist, she can be found working on one of her many creative projects such as, re-upholstering, painting or home decorating.

Mary Jo Lee
Staff Accountant

Mary Jo grew up in Mobile, AL and graduated from the University of Alabama with a major in Finance and a specialization in Real Estate. Her passion for real estate and numbers led her to move to Birmingham after graduating to start her career as a staff accountant at gkhouses. Mary Jo’s dream is to one day own and operate a property development company. Her friends and family describe her as being bubbly and energetic. Her love for music comes from her 15 years of dance experience (some even say she was dancing before she was talking). Whenever she isn’t at the office, you can find her spending time with her friends and family. Favorite place: anywhere tropical

Victoria Wilbanks
Team Leader - Little Rock

Victoria joined our team in January of 2019. As our Little Rock team leader she is responsible for owner communication, as well as the day to day operations in the market. She is from the Little Rock area therefore, she has knowledge of the market and can answer questions about the area. Victoria graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a degree in management and marketing in 2016. When out of the office you can find her kayaking, hiking, or spending time with her two cats Esther and Brutus.

Roger Garcia
Tenant Communications Specialist

Roger is a team player, energetic and outgoing. He will always put a smile on your face and is always willing to help others. This is why he is a perfect fit for one of our communication roles. Raised in Golden, Colorado, Roger graduated in 2004. After graduation, he started working in the customer service industry where he has developed his skills overtime. He has three children, enjoys the outdoors, sports and traveling to new places. Hometown: Delicias, Chihuahua.