Agent Referral


At gkhouses, relationships are important to us.

We understand the value of communication and protecting the friendships that you have created with your clients over the years. That is why we developed our REALTOR® referral program to let you as a real estate agent focus on sales and rest assured that your clients have the care and support they need with a professional property manager.

We specialize exclusively in property management and we have designed our REALTOR® Referral Program to give the same level of care and attention that you would give to your clients.

As property management specialists we focus on property management and it is never our goal to help your client buy or sell.

That’s your job!

We are your resource in property management. Contact us today to find out how we can mutually work together and combine our complimentary services.

When does the gkhouses REALTOR® Referral Program make sense:

  • You have a client who’s had their home for sale for an extended amount of time and it doesn’t appear the house will sell in the current market
  • When your client needs a faster form of income and can’t wait longer for their property to sell
  • When you have a client that’s ready to buy a house and needs to do something with their home quickly
  • When you have a potential tenant looking for a home to rent

Regardless of the situation, when you refer one of your clients to gkhouses, you can rest assured that we will take care of them and when they’re ready to sell their home in the future, we’ll encourage them to connect back to you for the listing.

We will never take a listing from an agent…it’s just not what we do. We’re experts at finding great tenants for owners and great homes for tenants.

So, how do you get paid?

We’re happy to offer the most aggressive REALTOR® referral fees in the country. For every home that you refer to gkhouses that we lease, we will pay you $555.

Also, for every tenant that you show a home to and they sign a lease, we will also pay you $250 per executed lease. It’s a win/win for you, your client, and for gkhouses.

To ensure you get paid in a timely manner, please take a second and fill out the form on this page.

It will be uploaded to our system where we can easily track the owner or tenant you refer.

Additionally, you may want to talk to a gkhouses representative more about our program. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (205) 940-6363 ext. 4 for more information.

How to Get Paid:

gkhouses will pay pending the completion of the following:

  • Tenant signed lease
  • Security deposit paid
  • First month’s rent paid
  • Tenant moved in

Invoices are paid every two weeks on Friday; gkhouses will need the following items attached to your form submission before a payment will be made:

  • W-9 on file for the real estate brokerage.
  • Numbered invoice. Please make sure it includes:
    • Name of Agent
    • Name of Owner/Address of property
    • Name of Applicant/Tenant Address of Home