Aurora Property Management

Gkhouses loves serving as a property management company in Aurora because there are tons of fun activities throughout the city. There is also a wonderful sense of community in the area. Because of those two characteristics, Aurora is a great place for residents to live!

The city has a history museum where you can find information on how it came to be, and how it grew to where it is today. There are also tons of different landmarks, emphasizing how proud the community is in regards to their traditions and growth. For example, the 12-mile stables explains why riding horses is so popular in the area, and maybe you can even get to ride one yourself! The Aurora Reservoir is another cool attraction offering fishing, sailing, surfing, and also a bike trail. Since this one location has so many fun things to do, it would make the perfect day trip with family.

There is also the Central Recreation Center and Sports Park for your family to enjoy. You can sign the kids up for athletic teams and while they are practicing, get in a good workout at the Recreation Center.

Aurora has great shopping at the City Place and Stanley Marketplace. You are sure to find cool new pieces to add to your wardrobe at one of the boutiques. Also try out some of the delicious restaurants at either locations. Successful shopping coupled with good, local food makes for a relaxing day. The Aurora Cultural Arts District is a must see because they always have tons of cool art showcasing local talent.

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