When you own rental property, finding an approved applicant is job #1.

Hey everybody. Alex Smith here from the gkhouses office in Chattanooga. Finding that approved applicant to rent your house is extremely important.

This is another installment of Questions Owners Ask. And today’s question is:

How many applications will it take before I get that approved applicant?

So if you’ve seen the video about how many showings is it going to take before I get an application, the answer is pretty close to the same for this one.

What we found on average is between two and three before you get that first approved applicant. And much like the showings, you know, some houses take fewer applicants to find that approved applicant, some houses take more.

You know, there’s…it’s 100% dependent on the quality of the applicant that you’re getting.

Much like the showings, all you really need is that one person to come through and meet all your qualifications.

And that’s, on average, what we found. Again, some houses take more, some houses take less, it just kinda depends.

But that’s it for today’s question on how many applications you need before you find that approved applicant.

Hope this was helpful. Thanks.