Hey everybody. Matthew Whitaker here.

I’m doing a video on “How Do I Sell My Rental House?” This is under the “Question Owners Asked” video series.

I think there’s really three ways to sell your rental house.

The first one is to sell it as is.

What I would say is once the tenant moves out, and before you do any repairs, there’s a market out there for houses that will sell as is.

There’s a market for houses that need work, and you can literally move a tenant out and sell it to that market.

You’ve seen the we buy ugly houses, people, you’ve seen we buy houses kind of what we call bandit signs out.

Those are the type of people that buy houses that need a lot of work. That’s the first way you can sell it.

The second way you can sell it is to sell it with a tenant in it.

A lot of times you can get a little bit more money for this but a lot of times the people that are buying it want a renovated rehabbed house.

If you’ve had a tenant living in there for a long time this is probably not the right thing for you to do if it needs a lot of work, but you can definitely sell it with a tenant in it and I think you can actually get a little bit more money based on someone having income coming in immediately.

The last way I would say

Is once the tenant moves out you spend some money and renovate it and sell it on the retail market to an end user.

This is kind of obviously the area needs to work for this but this is kind of a top dollar way to sell your rental house.

Sell it to an end user, sell it to someone that’s going to live there, sell it to somebody that gets a mortgage or may even pay cash for it. But that’s it.

That’s “How Do I Sell My Rental House?”

If you have any questions you can give us a call.

This is Matthew Whitaker with “Questions Owners Asked” at Gkhouses.