Hey everybody, Matthew Whitaker here doing another version of “Questions Owners Ask” Today’s question is how does an HOA affect ruining my home?

The first thing I think is important is that each HOA has a set of rules, and it’s very important that you get those rules to us so that we can communicate those rules to prospective tenants and to the tenant when they move in.

It’s very confusing and even dangerous to put a tenant in the house without knowing the rules, and they may do some things or have some expectations that the rules won’t allow.

And It’s very important that we get a copy of the HOA rules and regs, so that we can add it as a part of the lease and the tenant knows what they’re getting into.

The next thing I would say is HOAs are particularly picky with rental houses.

It seems like they just sometimes have a vendetta against rental houses, which sometimes is good because it makes sure that you keep up.

Especially if the tenants support tenant, but keep up the neighborhood.

However one of the things I’ve found and we worked really hard to find good tenants, also one of the things I’ve found is that sometimes it helps to pay for certain services like having the lawn sprayed, even having your landscaping done, just to make sure that it always jives with the HOA’s covenants.

That way there’s no question mark around whose responsibility it is, and whether the grass is trimmed exactly like it’s supposed to, and the trees are trimmed back exactly what they’re supposed to.

Sometimes it’s just better for you to pay for some of those services. Landscaping is the first one that comes to mind.

The last thing I would say is it’s also exciting to a HOA manager to know that a professional manager is handling the house.

I think they deal with a lot of one-off landlords. When there’s…

Their business is very similar to ours so it’s very nice for them to be able to communicate with us in the event there’s an issue.

It’s very… For them that now their professional management is involved will very much help. That’s it. That’s “Question That Owners Ask”.

Today’s question was, “How does an HOA affect my property when I’ll try to rent it?”

I’m Matthew Whitaker with Gk Houses.