Hey everybody. Matthew Whitaker here.

Gonna catch up with you again, Questions Owners Ask.

Today’s question is, how much do you charge for maintenance?

So, really before we get into like numbers I think it’s important to understand there’s two types of maintenance.

One is service work.

This is kind of like a toilet breaks, a tenant calls in, roof leak, you know, there’s service work type things and then there’s project based things like turning a house, replacing a sewer line.

And so those are the two types of work orders. So, one of the things… Wanna jump into service work first. Service work we charge out by the hour. So, we charge a labor rate plus materials.

You can ask us what our current labor rate is when you talk to us, but basically we charge one labor rate for kind of handyman type work and then a slightly higher labor rate for licensed work, work that requires a like a plumber’s license or heating and air license to do.

Then we charge out materials and we do make a markup on the materials depending on what the materials are. So, that is service work.

Project work is a little bit different.

This is where it’s kind of a bigger project. It takes a little bit longer.

We’re gonna have to kind of jump in and do…you know, it’s kind of an unknown, always…I heard a guy that owned a construction company for a long time saying this is a guesstimate, you know, everybody says an estimate, it really is a educated guess on how much it’s gonna cost to get it fixed.

But what we do is we give you a exact price and then we kind of take the risk, on if you will, of that scope of work.

Sometimes we get better and make money doing it. Sometimes we get worse and lose money doing it.

But the whole goal is over the course of time we’re able to even that out and manage that risk to where we make a little bit of money doing that.

So, that’s how much do you charge for maintenance.

I hope that’s helpful. If you need some exact numbers obviously we’re here to help.

Would love to talk to you about that.Thanks.

I’m Matthew Whitaker with Questions Owners Ask.