This Video Will Give You Some Great Tips On How To Rent Your House Fast

Hey. Spencer Sutton here with gkhouses, and today I want to walk through some tips and tricks on how to rent your house fast. I will break this into two lists.

One list is going be some things that you can do to help your house rent faster or maybe even for more money, so I’m gonna walk through these.

These are things that you control. And then on the opposite side of it, I’m gonna talk to you about some items that may keep your house from renting quickly, and these are things that you don’t necessarily have control over.

So, here we go.

Here’s some things that are going to help you rent your home faster or maybe even for some more money.


It all starts when somebody either pulls up a picture on the internet of the outside of your house or when they drive up to your house.

So the landscaping is really important. And what that means to you is that the lawn is kept cut, the grass is not overgrown if it’s in the summer months.

If it’s in the winter months, it means that the leaves are, you know, they’re not…like, if you have a large tree in your front yard that it doesn’t look like the leaves are just everywhere scattered everywhere.

Just make sure that’s taken care of.


It’s also good to plant flowers if you can.

These flowers should be native to the area so that a prospective tenant doesn’t think that they’re gonna have to keep up some tropical plants or anything like that.

And just keep them very easy, but flowers are always gonna be nice.

Pick Up Trash

If you have trash outside of your house, pick it up. And I know that sounds strange, like, if you have a front porch and there’s debris on the front porch, make sure all of that is picked up.

This is all about first impressions.

Ground Cover

Ground covering is great, so if you could spread mulch, anything like that, ground covering, it keeps weeds down to a minimum, and it’s easy to take care of, so tenants understand that they don’t have to do a ton of yard work.

Because in a typical lease, especially in our lease, the tenants are responsible for that lawn care. That’s the outside of the house.

American Flag!

One other thing I would say which could add a nice touch is just to hang an American flag.

You know, that always shows your patriotism, and people will tend to respond positively to that.


So now moving inside the house. So very, very obvious things, but based on my experience, our experience speaking with owners, it’s not something they always think about.

Here I want you to consider how you would want to move into a house. Say you bought or are renting a brand new house, a new house for your family, how would you want to come into that house?

Interior Paint

The obvious thing is you want a clean coat of paint on the walls. So this means not a lot of scuff marks all over the walls.

I know that, like, in my house, scuff marks don’t really bother me, but typically when something doesn’t bother an owner, a lot of times it will bother a tenant or a prospective tenant.

So a fresh coat of paint if you need it would be hugely beneficial.


Also along with that, clean carpets. If you need to replace the carpet, you can do that.

It just depends on how long you’ve had your carpet. So a huge impression when they walk in, clean carpets, fresh paint.


And then also, you want to think about your appliances.

The tenants are typically expecting to come in and find a refrigerator and a stove, and then if you have, like, already a built-in microwave and the cabinet, that’s expected.

A washer and dryer are not really expected from tenants. Typically they’ll bring their own. So you want those to be updated.

You don’t want them to be just old leftovers. It’s better to throw those out, take them with you, and then buy some new ones for your rental property.

Especially, again, this first impression when they walk in.

Bathroom Fixtures

If they could be updated, just make sure they are more modern than they are outdated.

If your house was built in the ’80s or early ’90s and you have the same fixtures that you did in the ’80s, you probably want to upgrade.


And then the last thing I would say is just make sure to have it professionally cleaned before you start showing the property.

As first impressions are big impressions, and the goal is to get as many people as possible into the home to see the house, and then you’re going to start taking applications.

These are some of the things that we do when we first come out to a house. Like, if you were to call us and we came out to your house, walk the property, these are some of the items that we’re gonna be looking at.

We have a whole list. And we’re looking at blinds. Also looking at light fixtures. We’re checking to make sure everything’s working properly, toilets are flushing, faucets are not leaking. Things like that.

But these things that I just listed are things that you can do to make sure your house rents quickly.

White Elephants

So now let’s look at the other side. So there are some things that you don’t really have any control over.

Maybe you’re trying to rent your house right now, or maybe you’re considering it.

Here are some things that might keep your property from renting quickly.

Like, I was just at a house not long ago, and I was driving, so I had been talking to this owner, and he was wondering, “Hey, why aren’t we getting more activity?”

I hadn’t been to this house, so I drove out there, and as I was driving through the neighborhood, I kind of understood a little bit of the difficulty.

Neighborhood Scene

And so number one is just the neighborhood scene. So the neighborhood scene where his place was, where his condo was, was not great.

There was a lot of trash on the streets, some loitering, some things like that.

It just didn’t seem like a very friendly and receptive neighborhood from that standpoint.

And so that’s always going to be a little bit of a red flag to prospective tenants as they pull up.

They’re not going to get this warm and fuzzy feeling. So again, you don’t really have anything to do with that.

This is something beyond your control.

Steep Driveways and Funky Layout

Another thing, just, and this may sound strange, but you know, steep driveways, you know, can keep people from renting your house.

Also along with that, an odd layout of the home.

So if your house has a funky layout, then you probably are not gonna expect it to rent very, very quickly.

So there’s a reason why these national home builders, these multi-multi-million-dollar home builders essentially have the same floorplans for all of their homes.

Because that’s what people like!

So if your house has a funky layout, you may love it, but that doesn’t mean a tenant or a prospective tenant is going to love it.

Busy Street and Train Tracks

Then, you know, just somewhat we call white elephant issues. And white elephant means it’s almost impossible to ignore things like you are on a very, very busy street.

That’s obviously gonna take away from a prospective tenant’s desire to rent, especially if they have small children.

If you live near train tracks or near power lines they make keep your house from renting very quickly.

Again, you don’t really have any kind of control over those. So focus on what you do have control over, these things that I mentioned.

The appeal, the street appeal, when they pull up, pride of ownership inside the home, outside the home.

If your home looks great and like that, and there’s another house on the same block or down the block or in the next block that is not kept as well, 9 times out of 10, they’ll choose your house if all things being equal.

So I hope this kind of helps you think about some things and will help you rent your house quickly.

Whether you do it yourself or whether you choose gkhouses to help find a great tenant for your home.

Thanks so much.