We love to hear when an agent showing a gkhouses house has been paid a commission!

It means they were able to show the home and the tenant loved it enough to rent it! If you’re an agent showing a gkhouses house, this video will walk you through the easy way to show one of our houses.

Now hear from Matthew Whitaker as he explains how easy it is for an agent to show one of our houses.

What’s up real estate agents?

I’m Matthew Whitaker here with a little help for you. I’m super excited that you’re interested in showing one of our properties.

We’re agents ourselves. We love to work with agents. Really what we like to do is rent houses.

So if we don’t rent them, and you can rent them, then heck, we’re happy to pay you a referral fee for that.

But the big question right now is, how do you get into one of our houses?

You Need To Be A Vendor In Our System

The first thing I would say is, you need to get set up as a vendor in our system.

We use a self-show lockbox system called Rently.

And what it allows you to do is to be a vendor and have access to all of our properties. So as an agent, you can get access to all of our properties.

Each individual, like if somebody was gonna go see one of our houses, they only get access to one at a time.

You as an agent get access to all of it.

The easiest way to do that is to shoot an email to [email protected]

Give us your brokerage name, your real estate license number, and then make sure you include your cell phone number.

And we’re going to text out the instructions on getting into our Rently lockboxes.

So that’s step one.

Each Lockbox Has A Number

The second thing is you’re going to use those same messages to look at the lockbox code on the top.

Each lockbox has a number.

You’re going to visit the house, call the number, and put in the lockbox number. And then you’re going to have access to that home, and show it.

Reference On The Application

The third thing is, make sure that your resident names you down as a reference on their application.

There’s a place to do that online.

The tenant can fill out an application online at our website, gkhouses.com.

Submit Our Agent Referral Form

And then the last thing, once they get approved, and they move into the house, you need to submit the form on our website.

This will ensure you are paid.

You’re gonna have to submit a W-9 form.

Once you fill this out along with an invoice, we will pay you.

So that’s it. That is how to see one of our houses. I hope that’s helpful.

If you’re an agent showing a gkhouses house, don’t hesitate to refer to this video for instructions!

I’m Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.