Is gkhouses A Good Fit For You

Hey. Spencer Sutton here with gkhouses. And today I just want to talk to you and possibly answer the question, “Is gkhouses a good fit for you?”

So, really, when you start searching on the web or reading reviews about a property manager, the website, the reviews only tell you part of the story because, ultimately, you need to find a property manager that works well with your situation.

And we talk about this a lot at gkhouses.

We’re really not a property manager for everybody and so we are a larger property management company.

We’re not a small mom-and-pop that manages just, you know, 200 or 300 houses. Right now, as of this recording, we manage close to 2,000 houses.

The question is, you know, “Are we a good fit for you?” And so, we’ve identified when we’re not a good fit for somebody and the reason.

I’m even recording this message is that I had a conversation with an owner, literally, just two days ago and we talked about this.

And after asking a few questions, she had some issues and had a complaint that she was giving me and I was just listening and I asked her a few questions, and ultimately, at the end of the conversation, we concluded that we’re probably not a good fit.

Now, that doesn’t make this person wrong.

It doesn’t make us wrong. It just, kind of, is what it is and so it’s best to know that going in before you hire a property manager.

You may want to think of some questions, some things that are important to you to ask property managers before you actually hire one.

Even though we have 100% happiness guarantee, you can cancel the contract at any point, any time.

You spend a lot of energy and a lot of, you know, just a lot of bandwidth just figuring things out, signing contracts, getting people into the house to look at it, getting it rent ready, putting it on the market, only three months later to determine that, “Hey, this wasn’t a good fit.”

So, here are three things that I know, and I was talking with this person about it, this owner about it, here are three things that I know where we probably wouldn’t be a good fit.

(Is gkhouses A Good Fit For You), The first thing Is we’re not a good fit for the owner who likes to, essentially, micromanage everything that goes on.

So, what I mean by this is, this is an owner who feels like they need to know about every conversation with a tenant.

They want to know what we’ve done, why we’ve done it, every step along the way.

if you’re really, really into every detail and the minutia that goes into managing property, especially during the most active periods which are typically when a tenant moves out, when a house is getting ready to rent, and then when we’re trying to lease a house.

And, if you’re really, really interested in the entire minutia that goes in to the details there and you want to have your say in every single thing that goes on, then we might not be a good fit.

As we’ve done this. We have helped tenants move out, gotten houses ready, and leased thousands upon thousands of houses.

Also, we have a definite process that we follow, that we go through, to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Quite frankly, you as a homeowner or as an investor don’t have that experience.

And so, when you’re requesting things that, you know, out of process for us, things that take us out of process, then there are opportunities for balls to be dropped, for things to get missed, for you to become upset, for us to, you know, not get something done that we typically would do.

So, reason number one we may not be a good fit is if you really like to micromanage everything about the process.

The second reason we may not be a good fit is…and that is if you like to pick your own tenants. I mean, now, you can bring us a tenant.

There’s nothing wrong with that. We have that happen from time to time and that’s fine, but if we’re managing the leasing of the property, showing the property, receiving applications of the property, we do have some owners that ask us, “Hey, I want to approve whoever goes into my house,” and we just don’t…that’s just not the way we operate.

We have very set criteria of who we accept and who we don’t accept, and when somebody comes in, as long as they meet those requirements, they’ve taken the steps to be approved, and then we’re going to select that person if they want to rent the house to sign a lease.

And that’s the way we do it for thousands of owners, thousands of tenants. We are making sure that we follow the Fair Housing law, that everything goes according to the law, that we don’t break that in any way.

So we want to make sure that we do that in every case. So when we open that up for an owner to have a say in who goes in the house, it really, opens us up to a lot of liability because we do have owners that ask us, you know, “I only want a family going into that house,” or, “I only want a single person,” or whatever the case is and we can’t do that.

We follow a certain process. So if you’re an owner that really, really wants to have a say in who goes into your property, we may not be a good fit.

So the third reason we may not be a good fit is if you want to handle and do all of your own maintenance.

That is, you know something that we do. We have in-house maintenance and we…now, we have owners that do their own maintenance, but if you like to micromanage, be involved in every detail, if you want to have a say in who goes in your house and then at the end of the day, you want to handle every bit of maintenance that comes through for the house, we may not be a great fit for you because at that point.

This was the conversation I was having with this person just the other day. You know, they were very micro.

They were micromanaging the whole process, the move out process, the rehab process. They were doing all their own maintenance.

They wanted to know why we did this, why we didn’t do this and then, ultimately, she wanted to pick who went in her property.

So we had two approved applicants and when our team leader selected one, she got upset because we didn’t select the other and so…and then, on top of all this, she does all of her own maintenance, which is fine, like, there’s nothing wrong with that but my point to her was, “I don’t understand why you would even hire a property manager because you’re acting as a property manager even though you live out of town, if you want to handle all of this.”

And her point was, “Well, I just want to collect rent. I want you to collect rent.”

That’s the reason why she chose gkhouses but, in all honesty and transparency, if this is you, you want to have a say in everything that goes on, you want to pick your own tenant and thirdly, you want to handle all the maintenance yourself, you are essentially acting as a property manager and so I would say it’s not going to be a good fit.

And that’s just something to think about. Again, we would love to talk to you about it if you have any kind of questions, any kind of concerns.

We’re very, very transparent. We’ll help you understand all of our processes, everything we do and then if you want to talk about, you know, “Hey, are we a good fit, are we not?” then we’re open to have that discussion with you as well.

So, regardless, we hope that you have great success in your rental house endeavors, whether you’re a homeowner that just wants to rent your personal house and is moving out of the house or whether you’re an investor who’s buying multiple properties.

We want you to have great success. We want you to find great tenants because there are a lot of them out there and we want you to have a wonderful experience whether that’s with us, with another company, or whether you do it on your own. S

So, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Talk to you soon.