Is Your Home Rent Ready

Hey, Spencer Sutton here with gkhouses. And today I want to ask the question, is your house rent ready? And really, how do you know it is? We have rented several thousands of houses over the years, I mean, tens of thousands of houses over the years (Is Your Home Rent Ready).

And it really kind of comes down to several things that tend to make a house rent ready or not rent ready.

So, a lot of times an owner will say, “Hey, my house is ready to rent,” we’ll go out there and we find that it’s really not. Now, we have particular ways that we do things.

When an owner says its rent ready, sometimes we just have to come to an agreement that yes, its okay.

I will say in markets like Denver, like Nashville, where there’s higher demand, more tenants are more willing to move in when a house isn’t completely ready, or they’re willing to sign a lease when they haven’t seen it completely ready.

But in some normal markets, I mean, Nashville and Denver are pretty hot markets but in other normal markets, like Birmingham, Chattanooga, Little Rock, probably in most markets around the United States, a tenant wants to move into a house that is ready to move into.

So, typically, they don’t want to move in and then fix things or have things fixed or things not work.

Because what that does is it sets you up for a poor relationship, one where they don’t really trust that you’re going to do what you say you’re going to do, or that you have everything taken care of, or that you have their best interest in your mind.

What I have here is this little sheet right here, and it is a rent ready checklist.

This is something that you can look at and literally walk down through every room of your house.

You can go into the living room and say, “Okay, are the doors clean, free of scuff marks? Do they squeak?

Is everything. Do the doorknobs work correctly?” You can go into, let me see, into the kitchen.

Does the stove oven vent hood work? Is it wiped clean, interior and exterior?

So, we just had somebody move in a house not long ago, and everything looked good but when they opened up the stove, it was a complete disaster mess.

And so, we got a message from them saying, “Hey, the stove is not even clean.”

So, was not a great way to start that relationship? So there’s all kinds of things that you could look at in here, you know, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, of course, all the bathrooms, the exterior of the house, the interior of the house.

The things that we see owners do mostly when somebody gets ready to move in, that they don’t really think is a big deal is they leave what we call debris in the house.

You know, they’ll just leave things at the house and leave it for the tenant to deal with, I guess.

And, this could be anything from towels, to paint, to you name it, like, a chair they didn’t want.

There are all kinds of things that people will leave behind a house thinking that, oh, well, somebody else will get rid of it when that’s really not the case.

And the tenant doesn’t want to walk in and see that, see all of those things. I was in a house recently that had…in the garage had, you know, like, if it were my house, I would not think it was a lot of stuff but it really was a lot of stuff left in the house that they had to come back and get.

Because we said, “Hey, the house isn’t rent ready as it is.” So, these are just some things to think about as you’re preparing to rent your house, if you’re going to rent your house, think about how you would want to enter a house, how you would want to move in the first day when you moved in.

You would want clean carpets, you would want clean wall, so not a lot of scuff marks. You would want the house to be clean so it’s very.

Something that we always do is we hire somebody to come in and clean the entire house to make sure that the tenant moves in and has a very good experience when they first move into the home.

Things like that are important, it’s just attention to detail, making sure everything works correctly the way it’s supposed to. If you do those things, then your tenant will have a good experience and it will start the relationship off on the right foot.

So, those are just some tips for your knowledge to know that Is Your Home Rent Ready and if you would like to see a copy of this, simply email me,

I’ll be happy to email you a copy if you want to just to walk through it and see if you have your house all buttoned up for a new tenant to move into.

All right, thanks so much. Talk to you all soon.