Is Your Home Rent Ready

Hey everyone!  Spencer Sutton here with gkhouses. Today I want to ask the question, is your home rent ready? And really, how do you know it is? We have rented several thousands of houses over the years so we have plenty of experience to help you get your home to where it needs to be.

So, a lot of times an owner will say, “Hey, my house is ready to rent,” we’ll go out there and we find that it’s really not. We have particular ways that we do things. For example, when an owner says it is rent ready, we sometimes just have to come to an agreement that it is. This is because in some markets like Denver and Nashville, there is a higher rental demand. This means that tenants are more willing to move into a home that is not quite ready.

In normal markets like Birmingham, Chattanooga, and Little Rock, a tenant wants to move into a house that is completely rent ready. They don’t want to move in and have to fix things. This can set you up for a poor relationship with your tenant. One where they don’t really trust that your are going to do what you say or have everything taken care of.

I have a checklist of things that make a house rent ready. This is something that you can look at and check off things as you walk through every room of your house. Every room has different tasks to be completed. For example, the living room will include the doors being clean, floors being free of scuff marks and not squeaking as you walk on them.

We had somebody move into a house not long ago, and everything looked good, but when they opened up the stove, it was a complete mess. We got a message from them saying the stove was not cleaned. This is not a great way to start a relationship. There is all kinds of things that you could look at in every room, and also the exterior.

A lot of owners tend to leave debris at the house thinking it is not a big deal. This could be anything from towels, to paint, to a chair they didn’t want. They leave it behind thinking that someone else will get rid of it. Well, this is not the case. The tenant does not want to walk and see all of those things.

If you are going to rent your house, think about how you would want to enter a rental home. Ask yourself how you would want the house to look as you moved in.

At gkhouses we always hire someone to come in and clean the whole house. Paying attention to detail and making sure everything works right and the house is clean ensures the tenant will have a good move in day experience. It will also spark a great relationship between the owner and tenant.

So, before moving a tenant into your property ask yourself, is your home rent ready?

If you would like a copy of the checklist we use, simply email me, [email protected]

Thank you and let us know if we can help in any way!