Know Your Contractor!

Hey. Spencer Sutton here with gkhouses. And today I want to talk to you about knowing your contractor.

Nothing can get you in more trouble than a bad repair or a bad rehab.

So, a repair, a normal repair and maintenance issue can happen when a tenant calls in a repair request and if the work order or the request gets taken care of wrongly, it really does affect your relationship with a tenant.

And on the other hand

If you’re rehabbing a house and you are not really sure who you’re dealing with, then that can cause all kind of problems later down the road.

I’ll give you an example, a story from my past that’s probably 10, 12 years ago. I had a house that needed new central heat and air.

I found a contractor that for me, was going to do it cheaper than somebody, you know, a more reputable company, somebody that had licensed contractors, they were insured and all that.

It was just a guy who was doing it on the side.

So I said, “Hey, whatever you can do, make it as cheap as possible,” and he said, “Okay, here’s my quote,” and I thought it was a great price so I said, “Yes, go ahead and do it.”

He installed the unit in the house and this was probably sometime in the spring or something like that.

Well, it wasn’t until the fall in the winter that the tenant was turning on the heat and their bills, their power bills because the electric unit, their power bills were through the roof.

What Happened Next

And what had had happened was that he had installed I don’t know all the technical stuff that happened but essentially, the unit was using strip heat.

If you use strip heat, it absolutely sucks as much energy and power as possible.

And so the tenant power bills were $600, $700 a month which was not affordable, and at the end of the day, it was our fault.

It was my fault that that happened.

So, not only did I have to cover some of the power bills, I had to replace the unit less than a year after it had been installed.

Because when I went to try to get the situation rectified, this person was no longer in business.

They were no longer around. So, that’s the importance of knowing your contractor.

Here’s The Key

Make sure that the person you use to rehab your house or to do repairs, things of that nature that they’re going to be around for a while.

You need to know that they’re reputable, that they’re licensed, and that they’re insured.

Why gkhouses!

Here at gkhouses, we do have our own maintenance people that do all of our work for us and if we.

If there are things that we don’t do, things like roofs, removing trees, we do have trusted vendors that are licensed and insured that we have a great relationship with that we use.

12 Months Of Guarantee

One of the benefits of using an outfit like ours for these repairs and maintenance for this type of work is that we have a 12-month guarantee on all of our maintenance work and any kind of rehab work that we do.

If we fix something at your rental house and within 12 months the same issue comes up again, we will go back and replace it at our cost.

It’s a 12-month guarantee on any kind of work If you can find somebody that does it like that.

That has a guarantee behind their work, that you know has been in business for a long time.

They have a good reputation with working on rental houses and doing things like that, then by all means.

You know, just be careful because sometimes when we think we’re saving money, we’re not really saving money in the long run.

Actually, it probably cost me double what it would have had I’d done it right the first time.

That’s my tip for everybody out there.

Just know your contractor before you get started on any kind of work, before you put a tenant in there.

Other thing That Happened

One of the things also that happens it’s very irritating to a tenant to have something supposedly fixed and it break again over and over and over again.

It tends to create a poor relationship between you and your tenant if you happen to be self-managing.

We know this firsthand, from firsthand experience.

Just take our word for it, know your maintenance person, find somebody that’s going to do great work for you, licensed and insured, and if you get somebody to give you a guarantee, that’s even better.

That’s all I have for you today. Thanks.