Know Your Contractor!

Hey everyone! Spencer Sutton here with gkhouses. Today I want to talk to you about how important it is to know your contractor.

Nothing can get you in more trouble than a bad repair or a bad rehab.

If a tenant calls in a repair request and it is handled poorly, then it will affect your relationship with that tenant. This will not play out very well over the course of your tenant living in the property.

Communication is important, especially when it comes to maintenance.

And on the other hand…

It can cause problems later down the road if you are rehabbing a house and are not sure who you are dealing with.

For example, I have a story from my past that’s probably 10, 12 years old. I had a house that needed new central heat and air.

I found a contractor that was going to do it cheaper than a more reputable company. A company would be insured and have licensed contractors. I hired a guy who was just doing it on the side.

I was looking for the cheapest option possible.

He installed the unit in the house in the spring. Well, later that fall/winter the tenant was turning on the heat and their power bills were through the roof.

Well, it wasn’t until the fall in the winter that the tenant was turning on the heat and their bills, their power bills because the electric unit, their power bills were through the roof.

What Happened Next

And what had had happened was the unit was strip heat. If you use strip heat, it sucks as much energy and power as possible.

The tenant’s power bills were $600, $700 a month which was not affordable, and at the end of the day, it was my fault.

So, not only did I have to cover some of the power bills, I had to replace the unit less than a year after it had been installed.

When I went to the guy who installed it to see if there was something we could do, he was no longer in business. This made it even more of a mess.

Here’s The Key

Make sure the person you use to rehab your house, or do repairs is licensed and insured.

Also, it might be important to make sure that the company will be around for awhile.

Why gkhouses!

Here at gkhouses, we do have our own maintenance people that do most of our work for us.

There are things that we don’t do. Such as roofs, removing trees, etc. We have trusted vendors that are licensed and insured to help us with those jobs.

12 Months Of Guarantee

We have a 12-month guarantee on all of our maintenance work and any kind of rehab work that we do. This means that if we fix something and it malfunctions again within 12 months, we will go back and replace it at our cost.

If you find someone that has a 12-month guarantee on any kind of work, that typically means they have been in business for a long time.

They have a good reputation with working on rental houses and doing things like that, then by all means.

We tell people to be careful because when you think you are saving a ton of money upfront, it could come back and bite you in the long run.

Know your contractor before you get started on any kind of work.

Another Thing That Happened

Another thing that happens and is very irritating is when your tenant has someone fix it and it continue to break over and over again.

This tends to create a poor relationship between you and your tenant.

Take our word for it, know your maintenance person. Find someone that is going to do great work for you, is licensed and insured, and if you get somebody to give you a guarantee, that’s even better.

That’s all I have for you today. Thanks.