We hear many owners complain about tenant problems.

In this video, Matthew will discuss one of the tenant problems we have heard from concerned owners.

Hey everybody, Matthew Whitaker back with another “Question Owners Ask.”

This question is for somebody that has a tenant in their house and they have cars in the front yard.

So the question is, “My tenant has tons of cars in the front yard and what should I do about that?

They’re tearing up the front yard, destroying the grass, and the house.”

The first thing I would say is most leases define where your tenant should park the car, whether that’s in a garage, on the street, it also may define where they shouldn’t park the car.

I still don’t think that even if your lease doesn’t define it necessarily that you’re in too much trouble because I think you can dictate where they park.

I mean it’s pretty obvious that you don’t want people parking in the front yard of one of the homes that you own.

The second thing I would do is take pictures of all the cars.

I think it’s important to have evidence in case this does come to some sort of disagreement.

The third thing I would say is put a notice on the door for material breach of the lease.

Again, I’m not an attorney. A lot of my videos are just to help you out.

Get this information, get the right language from an attorney, put the notice on the door, and then once you put the notice on the door give them adequate time to cure it.

Meaning, they may need a few days to get all the cars especially if there’s a ton of them. Get a few days to get those cars out of there.

Decision Time

Once they’ve done that then hopefully everything is good. If they haven’t done that you’re gonna have to make a decision.

You’re gonna have to decide whether you want to terminate that lease. Or you may be willing to just live with it.

It’s difficult to have any credibility though when you’ve already gone this far if you don’t keep pushing it.

The tenant may say, “Well, you know, if I just push back then the landlord does not do anything.” You still have a decision to make.

It’s a business decision and you need to decide whether you go through with the eviction or not.

If you have any tenant problems that you would like to share, give us a call! There is not a problem you have had with a tenant that we don’t deal with day in and day out.

So that’s it. That’s “Questions Owners Ask.” I’m Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.