What’s up, everybody?  Matthew Whitaker here.

Gonna do a quick video.

I’m in Chicago attending a conference and I wanted to cover the question, my tenant is destroying my house, what should I do?

So the first thing

I would do is put a notice or give the tenant notice that you’re gonna come see the house. In some areas, that’s like a 48-hour notice that you need to put on the door sent via certified mail.

But I would go and do a thorough inspection of the house. Take pictures, write down a bunch of information.

Destroying the house is a violation of the lease. So this is…you know, you can violate the lease for rent, but you can also violate it for what’s called material noncompliance.

And what you’ll want to do is, if it’s bad enough, you’ll want to evict that person. You can do that by going through certain steps, depending on your location.

Shot a video on how to evict a tenant before, but you may want to go through the steps of eviction.

You may find that it’s not that bad and you may be willing to live with it.

There are times where it’s not that bad and moving the tenant out would just cause me and my…in some situations or our client to spend too much money renovating it again, so it’s better just to kind of roll with it.

So you’re gonna have to make that as kind of a business decision you’re gonna have to make.

But if you want to evict them, you can.

If you don’t want to evict them, then you don’t necessarily have to.

But I’m Mathew Whitaker with gkhouses.

Love to help you more with this if you have a question specific.

This is “Questions Owners Ask.” Thank you.