My tenant won’t let me in the home – What should I do? This is the question we’ll answer in our video today.

Hey, everybody. Matthew Whitaker and in this video I am back with another question owners ask. Today’s question is, “my tenant won’t let me in the home, what should I do?”


So, you’re trying to get in your house for whatever reason and, you know, my question to you would be…

“Is this an emergency?”

Is there an emergency reason to get into the home or is this you just want to check out the house?

If it’s an emergency then most state landlord-tenant laws will actually allow you to go in the house, if it’s an emergency.

Now, it needs to be a legitimate emergency. You can’t just make up an emergency, “Oh, I thought the house was on fire,” just so you can go in whenever you want to.

The tenant does have the ability or does have the right of, you know, peaceable, quiet enjoyment, and so you need to make sure that you’re abiding by that.

That’s in pretty much every state-specific landlord-tenant law.

So, if it’s an emergency, the house really is on fire, the house is flooding, the tenant has left for a week, you can go in the home. If you’re afraid the pipes are frozen, you can certainly go in to protect the house.

And, that’s the first thing.


Now, if you just want to go in and check out the house and see the house and there’s no emergency, you’re going to have to abide by landlord-tenant law.

Most landlord-tenant laws allow you to go see your own home as long as you serve proper notice.

So, you need to make sure in your landlord-tenant law what is proper notice, give them proper notice.

In the state I’m standing in, Alabama right now, it’s 48 hours.

You have to give them 48 hours’ notice before you come and you need to come out at a reasonable time to do that. So, put a notice on the door, “Hey, in 48 hours I’m coming in,” that way they know.

And give them a specific time that you’re going to be coming. That way they can be present if they want to.

The last thing I would say is when you’re in the house be respectful of the tenant stuff. Be very respectful of the tenant.

You really want to be able to work very closely with your tenant on things like this in the future.

So that’s it. I hope I helped you answer the question, ‘My tenant won’t let me in the home – what do I do?

I’m Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.