Should I Buy This Rental House?

This is a question we get a lot at gkhouses.

And that’s OK considering we manage over 1,100 houses and we started as investors ourselves.

Back in 2003 to 2004 we were asking the same questions. We were buying and selling houses wholesale and ended up keeping a handful of rentals during those early days.

To help give some insight and maybe some guidelines into what you should or shouldn’t buy we thought that a short video series might be beneficial for owners/investors.

You can catch these videos streaming live if you have the Periscope app….but if you want to catch them on our site, we’ll have edited out all of the live blunders!

We hope you enjoy and let us know if there are particular areas of town you’d like for us to spotlight.

Should I Buy This Rental House? Episode 001


We’re a professional property manager is Birmingham, AL where we manage over 1,100 houses around town. We have a lot of investors who buy rental houses in Birmingham and our ‘Should I Buy This Rental…