Culture is a big deal here at gkhouses.

We believe the success of our company is closely aligned with the health and spread of that culture. Two of the core values that make up our culture are disciplined hard work and excellence.

This means that everyone on our team not only works hard, but that we’re not satisfied with average hard work. We want it to be great.

From accounting and leasing to sales and operations…we all hold each other accountable to a very high standard and enjoy being challenged to bring our ‘A Game’ to work each day.

We also believe it’s important that we blow off steam every once in awhile. When you work hard together, it’s important that you play together as well.

This past spring we decided to have a big scavenger hunt around Birmingham based on teams picked school yard style…and three of us agreed to stay at the office to handle any owner or tenant visits/calls.

The following pictures chronicle some of the fun from Teams #1 & #2…unfortunately Team #3 lost all of their photos!


Each team was charged with meeting someone famous in Birmingham. Team #1 hunted down Coby Lake, owner of Avondale Brewing Company and the person who led the early revitalization of Avondale. We have also managed rental property for Coby and is a friend of gkhouses!


Team #2 found Ben Tamburello who was an Auburn offensive linemen and had a stint in the NFL with the Eagles. He now lives in Birmingham and is a successful RE/MAX agent.

Another challenge in the scavenger hunt was to find and get your picture taken with a local entrepreneur that you admire. Team #2 chose Stephanie Whitaker who owns Engaged in Homewood. What’s interesting about Stephanie is that she’s happens to be the wife of gkhouses owner, Matthew Whitaker. Not sure if we penalized them enough for kissing up to the boss….


Of course teams had to get their picture taken by a Birmingham icon…and Team #2 chose one of the best – Vulcan.

Not really sure what Mat is trying to do here with Vulcan…while Morgan and Frankie aren’t sure why they’re jumping in the air!


Team #1 found a famous Birmingham invention for some good points…did you know that Mary Anderson invented windshield wipers and that she was from Birmingham? We didn’t either!


And as the scavenger hunt winded down, each team was asked to visit one of Birmingham’s great local breweries and have a beer if they wanted. Team #1 made their way to Good People Brewing Company down near Regions Park.


All in all, the first annual gk Scavenger Hunt was a huge success. All three teams did fantastic and we had a picture party when they all came back to the office. The stories were priceless and it was a great way to have fun before the busy summer season started.

If you want to join a team that knows how to work hard and have fun…then we may be a good fit!