What Is The Best Book On Real Estate You’ve Ever Read?

What’s up, everybody? Alex Smith here from gkhouses. I wanted to do a Questions Owners Ask.Today’s question is or this question rather is what’s the best book on real estate investing you’ve ever read (The Best Book On Real Estate)?

So I haven’t read that many so take this with a grain of salt about the best book I’ve  read so far is “How to Invest in Real Estate” by Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner.

If you haven’t heard of those guys they started the website called biggerpockets.com which has a ton of great resources and information.

They also have a podcast and its really for anybody in any stage of their investing career.

Whether you haven’t started yet or you’ve been doing it for like 30 years.

There’s forums on there, they post articles every day, I’d definitely recommend you check it out.

I’m also reading this book right now the book on “Estimating Rehab Costs” by J. Scott.

It goes into detail like of every component of the house, to it talks about what you could expect you know, repair or replace anything from the roof, to the floor, to the siding and everything in between there.

So I’d definitely check those two out.

Thanks, everybody. See you.