Hey everybody. Matthew Whitaker back here with another Questions Owners Ask.

Today’s question is, what do I do if a tenant leaves owing me a balance?

So, you have a tenant that moves out, may have had to evict him or her, but they leave owing you a balance, they owe you money.

I always look at this two ways. To me, there’s what I would consider a collectible debt, and again, I’m not an attorney, but this is just the way I look at it.

And there’s a collectible person and then there’s not really a collectible person, a garnishable person. Garnish is the word I should use.

There’s garnishable people and non-garnishable people. Non-garnishable people or people that don’t make enough money to actually garnish their wages.

And so typically what we do is just send them to a collection company and a collection company will hopefully pester them to the point that they pay what’s owed to you.

The people that we could garnish that make enough money, we will file a lawsuit against them and sue them for the money, typically in small claims court, depending on the…how much money.

Last but not least we’ll try to collect them by getting a judgment against them, and then once we get that we’re able to garnish their wages.

So, those are the two types of collections when a tenant leaves owing you a balance. I’m Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.