What Does A Good Tenant Look Like In Chattanooga?

What’s up, guys? Alex Smith here from gkhouses Chattanooga and  I wanted to do another Questions Owners Ask and answer the question what does a good tenant look like?

The First Thing I Would Say On What Does A Good Tenant Look Like In Chattanooga:

So the first thing you should look at is their credit score.

For some reason a lot of landlords and property managers some don’t even look at your credit score.

You know, this kind of baffles me and the reason being is that the credit score is like one of the most primary indicators you can get of how likely somebody is to pay their bills on time.

So you know, you should definitely look at that. And when you get a credit report you can see you know, I’m sure you’ve looked at a credit report before.

But you can see you know, what bills they’ve paid late and how late they’ve paid them so definitely look at credit history.

The Second Thing I Would Say On What Does A Good Tenant Look Like In Chattanooga:

The second one you wanna look at and you would do this by calling past landlords and asking for that on your application.

But you would wanna see if they’ve left any outstanding balances to previous landlords and you can actually see this on the credit report too sometimes.

Even if it’s as little as a hundred a couple hundred dollars or you know, a couple thousand you know, that’s in our book at least that’s a red flag.

I mean, you wouldn’t want you know, I would think anyway that you wouldn’t want somebody to you know, to leave your move out of your house and leave owing you money.

So should be able to see that on the credit report too and you can find out that information from asking previous landlords.

The Third & The Last Thing On What Does A Good Tenant Look Like In Chattanooga Would Be:

The last thing you definitely wanna check is criminal history.

So what you’re looking at there is do they pose a threat to your home or do they pose.

Find out if they pose a threat to the community at large?  So yeah, I mean, you definitely wanna check credit.

You definitely wanna check criminal history just to check to see if there’s anything in their background that would indicate to you that they’re a threat either to you know, your home or to the community at large.

So that’s it. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out I’d love to help.

Thanks, everyone. See ya.