What Does ‘Shoe Dog’ Have To Do With Real Estate Investing?

What does Shoe Dog have to do with real estate investing?

What’s up, everybody?

Matthew Whitaker here with gkhouses shooting another video about property management, about investing. I’m in the middle of reading this book for the second time now, “Shoe Dog.” It tells the story of Phil Knight, who created Nike.

One of the things when I read this book I’m just reminded of, and one of the things I’m reminded of when I kind of reflect on success is how non-linear success is. It seems like our plans are very linear when we decide “Hey, we’re gonna invest in houses. I’m gonna buy one house a month or one house every six months. I’m gonna buy one house every year,” and it’s a very linear plan.

But the truth is what happens is life happens. The world happens. The market crashes. The market is too hot. And what happens is our linear plans become very non-linear.

So if you’re out there right now, and you’re thinking about investing, you definitely made goals that are linear, but you also need to be prepared for the non-linear actuality of growing a business.

One guy described it to me of, like, growing on a plateau. So you’ll get to a point, and then you’ll have to work really hard to get up to the next level, and then you’ll be on that next level for a while.

So again, “Shoe Dog.” I definitely recommend reading it. It does tell you all the struggles that Phil Knight went through. We look at him today and think, “Wow. He’s got it all. Tons of money, an awesome company, lives in a great place.”

But to get there, he took a very non-linear path, and that’s the path we need to be prepared for as we’re trying to invest in rental houses.