What’s up everybody? I’m going to do a video, tell you on questions owners ask.

What industry is Birmingham, Alabama mostly made of? In other words, what industry drives this city?

And so, there’s really two industries I wanna talk about. The first one is the biggest, which is UAB, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

It has obviously a med school and then there’s obviously a University, and then there’s a hospital as well.

So, that is the biggest industry that drives Birmingham.  It used to be a steel industry, but now it’s a medical industry.

The second thing is banking. It used to be a much bigger banking hub, but it’s still a really large banking hub as a result, of course, there’s a lot of consolidation of banks back, you know, 10 or 15 years ago.

Now, you’re talking about the same people are here that are starting new banks. So banking is a huge industry in Birmingham. So, that’s it.

That’s what drives the industry in Birmingham, Alabama.

I’m Matthew Whitaker, with Gk Houses.