What Makes A Property Manager Unique? We Believe gkhouses Is Unique For Three Reasons.

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What makes us unique?

This is the question every property manager is attempting to answer when we speak with a potential client.

What makes you different from other managers? Why would I choose you over the three or four other property managers I’m talking to? What makes a property manager unique anyway?

We absolutely love it when these questions gets asked!

Very few other managers have put specific thought and some intentionality behind this question. It is something we have spent a LOT of time thinking about.

Why WOULD you want to be a client of ours? Or, better yet, why would you NOT want to be a client of ours?

Wouldn’t it be important for you to know our “flavor” of management before you choose to do business with us?

If this interest you, read on!

We actually talk about these ‘three uniques’ every other month just to make sure we’re on track and these still hold true.

Unique #1 – The Industries Most Talented Team

What makes a property manager unique? The team of people who make up the compnay.

We only hire the best talent to work at gkhouses.

Before we hire a new team member, we must see the leadership potential of that candidate.

the grinder makes people cryWe have a hiring process we affectionately call ‘The Grinder.’ We call it this because the process is pretty brutal. It makes some candidates cry…just kidding!

It consists of a four-part interview.

  1. The Phone Interview – we have four questions we like to ask. These are meant to show us the thoughtfulness of the candidate and how much self-awareness they have. 80% of the candidates don’t make it past this initial phase.
  2. The Face To Face Interview – if a candidate passes the phone interview, we invite them into the office. This part of the grinder digs into their work history and examines their capacity to do the job. This is usually the most grueling part of the interview depending on how much work history the candidate has in their resume.
  3. The Cultural Interview – culture is extremely important to our team. We hire and fire on culture. This part of the interview is done by different team members and we have a specific set of situational questions we like to ask.
  4. References – we will call references mentioned on the resume. But we will also dig deeper and request to speak with people that may not be on the resume.

Becoming property managers is not too complicated. So we aren’t necessarily looking for property managers.

We are expert at finding individuals who are capable of learning the business, serving our clients, and leading people. Our team is second to none.

Unique #2 – We Treat It Like We Own It

What makes a property manager unique? Their skin in the game with you.

We own rental property.

Just like you, we know what it is like to have tenants and to have maintenance issues. When a tenant turns in a notice to move and you need to get the house ready to rent, we have been there!

We started gkhouses with our own rental houses.

There isn’t anything we do differently with our own houses than we do with our client’s houses. We treat your house just like we treat our own houses.

We will manage your houses just like we manage our houses – with excellence, integrity, and transparency.

Our goal is that you have an outstanding experience and you remain our clients for as long as you rent your home.

Unique #3 – We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

What makes a property manager unique? Willing to risk their money for your benefit.

Our four guarantees are the strongest in the industry. We believe in our ability to deliver you stellar service that will not be found elsewhere. To demonstrate this, all of our guarantees financially hold us accountable to our clients.

  1. 21 Day Lease Guarantee – We’ll lease your home in 21 days or your first two months of management are free.
  2. 100% Happiness Guarantee – If you’re not satisfied with our service, you can cancel at any time without penalty or cancellation fees.
  3. Maintenance Guarantee – If there is a vendor or installation related problem with our work within the first year, we will make it right at no cost to you.
  4. Tenant Eviction Guarantee – Should a tenant that we qualify and place in your home be fully evicted within the first 12 months of their lease term, we will replace the tenant and waive the leasing fee.

At gkhouses, we believe that you must stand out and be passionate about certain things and not attempt to be all things to all people.

We are passionate about these “Three gk Uniques” and talk about them almost daily. We are always asking ‘what makes a property manager unique’ and then exploring

What we hope is that like-minded owners will find us and be willing to partner in a relationship by letting us manage their home. We believe we are truly unique among property managers.

If you have questions or would like to find out more about our services, please reach out to us . . . we’d love to hear from you.