What Should I Keep In Mind When Evicting A Tenant In Chattanooga?

What’s up, everybody? Alex Smith here from gkhouses Chattanooga. This is another edition of Questions Owners Ask and today’s question is, “What should I keep in mind when evicting a tenant in Chattanooga?” We have a few specific questions that fall into one category, so we decided to address them all below.

A quick disclaimer, I am not an attorney. This is not legal advice. If that is what you are looking for, I would definitely consult with an attorney in your area.

Question #1

The first question, how long does an eviction take?

So here in a landlord-friendly state like Tennessee, it can take about a month from start to finish. In some states like Alabama, where we also manage houses, it can take up to 4 months.

There are some areas I’ve heard of in the northeast where it can take up to 12 months.

And, as I mentioned earlier, definitely consult with an attorney in your area to find out specifically how long it takes depending on your area.

Question #2

Second question, how much can I expect to spend on an eviction?

Again, that also depends. Here in Tennessee, you are looking at around $800 or so, including a set-out.

If you are not familiar with eviction lingo, a set out is basically when a sheriff shows up at the house and supervises the tenant moving out of the house.

So, like I said, here in Tennessee, you can expect to spend about $800. In some areas, you can run multiple thousands of dollars for attorney fees, court fees, all that kind of stuff.

And that is not even including how much you have already lost in rent for however many months you have been dealing with this.

Question #3

What happens if I don’t have a tenant under a contractor on a lease?

Depending on what area you are in, some tenants are treated on a month-to-month lease. This can work in your favor.

Overall, if you are going to court for an eviction, bring every piece of paperwork you can about the tenant you have in the property. The more you can back-up your actions the better, and paperwork is usually the best way to do this.

Question #4

Last question, where do I get an eviction letter?

Before the process even starts, you have to serve your tenant with an eviction notice.

Some areas call these different things. They can be called, “pay your vacay,” or “notice to comply.”

We are set up to do all of that in-house here at gkhouses. So, if you don’t want to fool with it, we can definitely help and also answer any questions.

If you are a self-manager, we understand, and so you would handle this on your own.

You can get these kinds of forms on a bunch of different websites. For example, easylandlord.com is one of them.

You can also get them from an attorney in your area. There is definitely no shortage of places to find these.

So I hope this answered your questions. If you have any questions that weren’t answered, definitely feel free to reach out to me.

I’d love to help, reach out if you have any questions. Thanks!