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If you’re considering renting out your house, you have likely thought, ‘Where should I market my home for rent?’

Hey everybody. Matthew Whitaker here with another “Questions Owners Ask.”

Today’s question is, where should I market my home for rent in Birmingham, Alabama?

So, I think there are really three places that you need to do that.

Yard Sign

The first one is the old school sign in the yard. I think too often this gets overlooked.Where Should I Market My Home For Rent?

Typically, people are driving around the areas where they want to live.

They’re driving by the homes, they maybe live down the street, they have a neighbor that lives down the street. They want someone they know to live in the same neighborhood.

The old sign in the yard just still seems to rent houses. So, it’s very important that you get a sign in the yard.

I know that’s kind of elementary, but I would not overlook it.

The Nextdoor App

The second place that we’re seeing that’s starting to increase traffic is the Nextdoor app.

So, this is a new app where it’s almost like a place where you can post things like garage sales that you’re doing at your house.

And you can kind of post it and one of the things that you can do is also list your house for rent on the Nextdoor app.

Again, it gets pushed out to neighbors. Neighbors are able to find their friends, and help them move into a house right down the street.

Zillow and Trulia

The third thing is the 600 pound gorilla, Zillow and Trulia. These are still the two best places, the number one best places to rent houses.

About 60 to 70% of people find their houses online still, and Zillow and Trulia are by far the best places to do that.

You definitely need to make sure that you get your house on there.

I’m Matthew Whitaker with “Questions Owners Ask” with gkhouses.