Where To Invest In Birmingham: Adamsville, Forestdale, and Graysville

What’s up, everybody? This is Matthew Whitaker back and I am doing a kind of overview of Birmingham investing.

Today I’m going to dig into Adamsville, Forestdale, and Graysville area. So this is a very popular area for investing. What I’m going to do now is a jump over to the map and I’m just going to walk you through, dig in deep on these areas.

So you have the whole city of Birmingham right here. If you go northwest up the new I-22, so I-22 connects Birmingham with Memphis, you run into the City of Forestdale, which is right here.

Then Adamsville is after that and Graysville is after that. Let me see if I can’t zoom in on that. There you go. So, again, brand-new interstate cut through here. This is the area that I’m talking about, Forestdale, Adamsville, Graysville.

Now if you’ve seen my other video on the Center Point Parkway area, then you will notice that this is going to be very similar. So houses were built around the same time, in the late ’50s, ’60s. So they are great, super-efficient houses. You’re going to find C+ neighborhoods to B- neighborhoods, so there are some really good areas, particularly for the rental investor.

Value For Your Investment

The difference between the Center Point Parkway area and this area is the just concentration of homes. So there are a lot fewer homes to the northwest of Birmingham than there is to the northeast of Birmingham.

So these houses here are a huge, huge, huge return for value. In other words, the money you put into these homes, the rents are very high relative to that. I don’t want to get into quoting too many numbers.

Obviously, I want the videos to last a little bit a while. If you want some current figures, please call us. But this is a highway that runs northwest. It actually used to be the one that connected to Memphis. This right here is the interstate.

The town of Forestdale, Adamsville, once you get into Adamsville they have a bunch of retail along this, and Graysville all go to county schools which is different. They go to Minor High School. And so, again, very good areas for investing.

If you have any specific questions, give us a ring. I’m Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.