Hey everybody. Matthew Whitaker, back again with another “Question Owners Ask.”

Today’s question is, can you lease my home, and then let me manage it?

In other words, can Gk Houses rent your house and let you manage it once we rent it?

So the answer to that is absolutely yes.

We have a program that we call Easy Tenant Finder, and you can find some details about it on our website.

However, the whole goal of the program is exactly what you’re asking. We can rent the house. We will charge you a one-month leasing fee. So if the house rents for $1,000 it’ll cost you $1,000.

If it rents for $1500, it’ll cost you $1500. The only thing we ask is that you buy into our underwriting criteria, in other words, we’re not gonna…we can’t get into like, you know, finding an absolute, you know, exactly what you’re looking for tenant.

What we do is we use our underwriting criteria for Gk Houses to underwrite your tenant.

This makes sure that we don’t run into any fair housing laws, any violation of Fair Housing Law. So, as long as you’re cool with that, we can definitely help you using Easy Tenant Finder.

My name is Matthew Whitaker, this is “Questions Owners Ask.” I’m with Gk Houses.