Chattanooga Pricing Plans

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We believe it’s important that you have options. Our flat fee pricing plan is designed to give you the most flexibility when considering Nashville property management services. Whether you’re looking for the most cost-effective plan or an all-inclusive plan, we have you covered. We also value our Nashville investors who may want the more traditional percentage pricing.

No Upfront Fees To Get Your Home In Front Of Thousands Of Potential Tenants!



– half a months leasing fee
– $200 renewal fee

⇒ Property inspection report
⇒ Owner only phone line
⇒ Electronic statements and disbursements
⇒ Maintenance management
⇒ 24/7 tenant communication
⇒ Rent collection



– $0 leasing fee
– $0 renewal fee

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Includes all Gold features plus:
⇒ Rent Guarantee – you will
never miss a rent payment
⇒ Quarterly Inspections

⇒ Bi-Annual HVAC Preventative Maintenance

⇒ NO Renewal Fee
⇒ NO Leasing Fee
⇒ NO markup on 3rd party



for owners with two or more houses
– half a months leasing fee ($500 minimum)
– $150 renewal fee

Includes All Gold Features

$10 a month discount for investors with five or more houses

Available Add-Ons

Eviction Protection Plan - $200 per year

Our Eviction Protection Plan (EPP) is available for your gkhouses tenant. It is designed to give you peace of mind knowing you won’t be caught covering the expense of an eviction. EPP covers the cost of an eviction (up to $900) should an unforeseen issue arise that prevents your tenant from paying rent in accordance with their lease. We will cover all attorney plus court costs associated with evicting your Birmingham tenant as well as change out of locks.

* This can be added to the Investor and Gold Packages and is included in the Platinum Package

Quarterly Inspections - $65 per quarter

This is our most popular optional service. Our team will visit your property once every quarter, change the air filters, check batteries in your smoke detectors, and send you a report with images of how your property is being cared for by your tenant. This is also a time when our Birmingham property managers will make note of any issues they feel you should be aware of with your rental home.

* This can be added to the Investor and Gold Packages and is included in the Platinum Package

Bi-Annual HVAC Inspection - $150 each

Each year we receive emergency calls from tenants regarding their air or heat. These calls (especially emergency weekend calls) end up costing owners much more than a routine service call. Our Spring and Fall Heating and Air Service can aid in the early detection of problems and save the cost of expensive, emergency repairs. A skilled gkhouses tech will visit your home once in the fall and once in the spring to perform an assessment and cleaning. During our check, we also ensure that the unit(s) is up to code.

* This can be added to the Investor and Gold Packages and is included in the Platinum Package

Rent Protection Membership - One Month's Rent (we spread the billing for this over a 12 month period)

In both our 2015 and 2016 Owner Survey’s, we found that the number one fear owners face is having a non-paying tenant and one that causes property damage. That’s why we created the Rent Protection Membership. Life happens. On occasion there are life events that happen to tenants which cannot be predicted through the underwriting process. Rent protection membership allows you the peace of mind knowing that you will be paid rent even if your tenant defaults. The cost of eviction will also be covered.

* This can be added to the Investor and Gold Packages and is included in the Platinum Package

** The Rent Protection Membership costs an additional 1-month rent (we spread the payment for this over a 12 month period)

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