What’s up, real estate agents? My name is Matthew Whitaker.

I am the founder of gkhouses. And you clicked on this because you are interested in working with us, and we absolutely want to work with you if you are a real estate agent.

So the big question is, how much will we pay you for referral? So a referral that you send us, so you send us a house that we rent to somebody, so you have a client and maybe you can’t sell that house or you have a client that is interested in renting it and that’s not something you do, you can send that house to us.

And when we lease that house we will pay you a referral fee of $555. So when the house gets rented and the tenant moves in and essentially they pay their first month’s rent, we are going to pay…send you or send your broker a check for $555.

Now, you can also lease the house for us. So if you have a tenant that you’re interested in leasing one of our homes, first thing you need to do is get set up as a vendor and there’s a video on how to get set up as a vendor.

But if you lease a home for us and you show the tenant the house, we’ll pay you $250.

So you have a tenant who wants to see it, $250. If you have a house, $555. So that’s it.

That’s Questions Owners Ask. This was actually from a real estate agent. I am Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.