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Are you looking for a Property Management company in Little Rock?

Whether you have ten rental properties or you’re considering renting out your home, we would love to help.

There are a lot of things you should consider when choosing a property manager and a lot of questions you should ask. If you’re interested in learning more about how we work with owners, check out this infographic. If you want even more detail, we put together this infographic that should be helpful.

Meet Curren Melgarejo, Your gkhouses Team Leader In Little Rock

Hi, I’m Curren…the gkhouses Little Rock Team Leader.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. I love meeting owners at their rental houses and giving my feedback on things like market rent and simple things you might do to increase your rent or to rent your home faster.

Curren MelgarejoI’m writing this so that you can get to know a little about me, my family, and why we moved from our gkhouses offices in Birmingham to Little Rock.

Before I tell you why we moved from Birmingham to Little Rock, I thought I would share a few brief facts so you can get to know me a little bit before we officially meet:

  • I grew up in San Clemente, CA and before moving to Little Rock, we lived in Birmingham, AL the past seven years.
  • I’m a big NFL fan, and my team of choice happens to be ‘America’s Team,’ The Dallas Cowboys!
  • My Dad has been the greatest influence in my life. I watched him approach every situation with a positive outlook, and I remember that he was always looking to try new things…so somehow, his influence is a part of why I moved my family to a new city.
  • Growing up I loved playing basketball (still do)…but I also had several other hobbies that interested me like making music, track and field, going to the beach, messing around with home and car audio/video, and learning how to play poker.
  • Some of my hobbies have changed, and some have stayed the same. I’ve developed the healthy habit of reading. I’m also the office fantasy football junkie and most of all; I love spending time with my wife, Aubrey, and our two children, Nora (2 years), Pax (3 mos).
  • baby Curren MelgarejoMy biggest concern when we moved to Little Rock was the change for my family. My wife has lived in Birmingham most of her life and is now living in a city where she doesn’t have any connections. We love meeting new people and learning about this great city, but the first few months have been a little challenging as we develop new relationships.

So, now to answer the question that we have been asked a lot lately – “Why did you move your family to Little Rock?“.

Curren Melgarejo familyThat’s a good question! Especially when you consider that my wife is from Birmingham and we have been living there for the past seven years.

So, what would compel us to make a move from Birmingham to Little Rock?

One reason – because we wanted to be a part of something special in the Little Rock property management business.

When I started working with gkhouses over two years ago, I knew I had joined a unique company with a distinctive approach.

It’s evident in everything we do.

I joined gkhouses because I was excited about the opportunity to be a part of a team and lead teams in providing effective and innovative solutions to an industry that was ready for a new approach. I was most excited about working toward a clear goal with a team of passionate and talented people.

And that’s why I love it.

Curren Melgarejo babyBut that doesn’t mean that we’re perfect, and it doesn’t mean that it’s always easy!

We are continually asking our clients, “How can we get better?” We know there’s room for improvement.

We’re innovative, but sometimes that leads us to automate a process when a phone call might be more appropriate. We’re constantly identifying areas within gkhouses where we want to see improvement.

As I mentioned, we’re new to Little Rock and don’t know many people; we would love to get to know you and anyone else in the city you feel we should meet!

Thanks for reading, I hope we speak soon.

– Curren

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