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Longmont Property Management

Because of the community feel and efforts for historic preservation, gkhouses enjoys being a property management company in Longmont! If you have property in the area, we fill our properties quickly and with the most qualified tenants.

If you are a new resident to the area, the Longmont city website answers all of your questions. There is tons of information that you may find interesting. Such as, where to find all of the fun things to do in the area. They also provide information of the preservation efforts and about the historic landmarks throughout the city.

Living in Longmont means never running out of things to do! There are 25 different neighborhood parks to explore. For example, Sandstone Ranch and Union Reservoir Park are local favorites because both areas offer different events and activities. To name a few activities to look for, there is boating, fishing, walking, running, biking, and more! From skydiving to a BMX park, Longmont has it all! Because of all of this, you could make it a goal to experience all of these activities within the first few months of living in Longmont. If you have lived there for years then revisit the areas and find something new to appreciate.

Longmont also has a huge art presence throughout the city. The Art in Public Places event was established in 1987 and involves the whole city showcasing different art displays. There is also a city orchestra, theater and community chorus. Due to the huge support system built in Longmont, it is the perfect location for new, up and coming artists.

There are also tons of volunteer opportunities. Because of this, you are able to pick and choose what you want to do based on your skill sets. Another cool aspect is the city’s focus on sustainability. They place a huge emphasis on their residents living green, and also host events to help inspire people on how they can help.

Overall, Longmont is an awesome place to live. Fill out this form for a FREE in-home consultation and rental estimate. We would love to serve as your property management company in Longmont.

Also, Check out our Owner FAQ Videos page for tips we have found useful during our time in the business. In addition, visit our other location pages in Denver to learn more about the area.

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Let gkhouses handle all of your property management in Longmont

If you are considering using a property manager for your Longmont home, we would love to discuss our services with you. Listed are the three premier property management services we offer to help make your life easier!

We find Castle Longmont’s best tenants

Marketing your home is important. However, effectively screening and placing a great tenant is where we see most landlords make mistakes. Let us find you a tenant and enjoy peace of mind with our Tenant Eviction Guarantee.

We handle pesky maintenance requests

Keeping your tenant happy and in your house is important. The best way to accomplish this is to respond quickly to maintenance request and to let your tenant know you care about them and taking care of your house. We’ll make sure tenants love your home by taking care of any pesky maintenance requests.

We direct deposit rent to your bank twice a month

That’s right, we want to make sure you receive your owner funds quickly and securely. We will ACH your funds directly into your account so that you can have access to your money immediately. If you’re due another distribution before another 30 days, you will be sent those funds as well.

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Take advantage of our four guarantees!


100% Happiness Guarantee

You can cancel the management agreement at anytime without penalty if you’re not satisfied with our service.

Tenant Eviction Guarantee

Should a tenant that we qualify and place in your home be fully evicted within the first 12 months of their lease term, we will replace the tenant and waive the leasing fee.

21 Day Lease Guarantee

We will rent your home in 21 days or less to a well qualified tenant, or your first two months of management are free (guarantee available one time for new properties).

Maintenance Guarantee

If there is a vendor or installation related problem with our work within the first year, we will make it right at no cost to you.

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