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Whether you have 10 rental properties or you’re considering renting out your own home, we would love to help.

There are a lot of things you should consider when choosing a property manager and a lot of questions you should ask. If you’re interested in learning more about our process and how we would manage your house, take a look at this infographic. If you want more details, this infographic will tell you everything.

Over the years we have found that owners choose us because of our three unique differences:

  1. National Brand, Local People – As a national brand we bring resources and opportunities usually not afforded by smaller property management companies. At the same time, we have “boots on the ground” in each market to give you the local knowledge that is unique and important to managing in each market. It’s the best of both worlds!
  2. In-house Maintenance – While other property management companies are calling around to find an available handyman to handle their emergency, our local maintenance team (GK employees) is ready at a moment’s notice and guarantees the quality of our work with a 12-month warranty and makes sure to treat your residents with respect as they work hard to resolve any issues.
  3. No Third-Party Underwriting – Most property management companies allow 3rd party processors to screen their residents. We think this job is too important to leave in the hands of others. Since moving to screen residents “in-house” we’ve improved collections, cut down on evictions, and increased the happiness of our clients. Finding you a great resident is one of our most important jobs!

If you’re interested in what other owners are saying about us, feel free to check out some of our testimonials.

We’re sure you already have more questions about how we rent your house and what we do once it’s rented. Feel free to pull up your city-specific information in the menu to the left of this page.

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