We’ve been managing homes for well over ten years in the Birmingham area and currently manage over 1,000 homes for others. We meet with hundreds of people every year and many more read our blog articles and eBooks on rental homes and trust our opinion on all things rental.

Because we’ve built this trust, frequently we get asked the question, “Other than gkhouses, who’s the best property manager in Birmingham?” In the past we might attempt to avoid this question, because it required us to be “uncomfortably transparent” about our competitors! Well, we’ve decided to change our approach and be uncomfortably transparent with you in this blog.

So here goes nothing . . .

AHI Properties – The owner of AHI Properties, Bryan Jenkins, is one of the most honest men I know. I’d have to put him at #1, because of the length of time he has been managing homes in the Birmingham area and his membership in the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) with me. Their office is in Shelby County, off of Valleydale Road.

Alabama Rental Managers – ARM is also found down in Shelby County and specializes in Shelby County rental properties. They manage a lot of houses and have a very good collection of rental homes – mostly in the A and B class neighborhoods.

Decas Group Property Managers – Probably the youngest company in my list, Decas was started by J. Benoit and has grown very big, very quickly. They have good, knowledgeable, people who manage for them. Many of these people have been in the business a long time and have managed in a number of different cities. Decas manages a lot of houses for local and out of state investors and seem to do a good job.

Mega Agent Rental Management – Located down 280, Mega Agent Rental Management, much like Alabama Rental Managers, manages a lot of very desirable homes. The owners are very smart people and have done a great job marketing their services to owners.

Red Rock Realty Group – Red Rock has been around forever. They used to be called The Property Managers, but changed their name a number of years ago when they changed ownership. They manage single family homes, multifamily properties and commercial properties. They have a solid reputation in the Birmingham market.

Rudulph Real Estate – Ok, I said five, but I couldn’t leave this one out because this company has been a staple in Birmingham as long as I can remember…and who hasn’t seen their bright yellow signs? When people think of Birmingham management, this is the name that has the “top of mind” awareness. John Rudulph has really built quite a business and is an excellent manager.

So you’ve asked and now you know. I’d consider speaking with some or all of these. While you are speaking with them, keep in mind two things that we’ve found Owners are interested in – once they sign with a manager – Trust and Communication.

And if you’re wondering what questions to ask a manager once you speak with them, we’ve given you a list of valuable questions to ask any manager.