Hey everybody. Matthew Whitaker back here with another Questions Owners Ask.

Today’s question is, can I rent my house to people that don’t have a pet? So, we get this question a lot. I know Spencer in sales gets this question a lot.

A lot of people, me included, hey, if I was running my house, particularly one that I lived in for a long time, it was very personal to me, you just get all those like horrible thoughts of pet owners that don’t take care of their pets or allow their pets to jump on the furniture and scratch the floors.

And so this is a real question, this is a real fear for people, so I absolutely understand it.

Now, I’m not gonna tell you whether it’s good or bad, but I will tell you, yes, you can absolutely rent the house without allowing pets, but let me tell you what we’re kind of seeing.

We’re seeing about 60% of our applicants have pets, so that’s a pretty significant number. In other words, if it takes 10 applicants to rent a house, you’re gonna only have four of those applications.

So, it kind of cuts down on the total number of people that’ll rent your house.

Now, if your house is already a hard rent house or maybe it’s a season that it’s a hard time to rent, you’re gonna make it increasingly harder by not allowing pets.

So, we do and in the event you do wanna have or are willing to have pets, we do take a pet fee and that pet fee varies based on market, but to try to protect the home and also account for the damage the pet might do to the house.

But it is certainly a risk and it’s not one that we take lightly, but the answer is you can absolutely rent your house without to somebody that does not have a pet, but you’re just gonna cut down on the actual demand for your house.

So that’s it, that’s Questions Owners Ask. My name is Matthew Whitaker.