What’s up, everybody? Matthew Whitaker here with another “Questions Owners Ask.”

Today’s question is what other benefits do property managers provide other than managing my property?

So the first thing I want to say is, is the separation from tenant to owner.

I think it’s very important for you as the owner to make objective decisions about your rental property and have that buffer. And so we do a good job.

Just like a real estate agent does the job of that in a real estate transaction, we do a great job of being a buffer, helping you to make objective decisions.

One of the things that we see when people manage their own property is they start to listen to the stories of tenants.

And certainly there’s some reasons that you would want to listen to the stories of tenants, things do happen, but all too often we find that owners are messing up when they start to listen to stories and aren’t able to be objective about their decisions.

The next thing is the wisdom and handling situations that don’t happen very often.

If you have one or two houses, you may have a situation, a random situation happen once every 5 or 10 years.

Whereas we see things happen on a consistent basis.

And so we can use the wisdom of managing thousands of homes to managing this certain situation, help you save or make the most money in that situation or decrease the amount of liability on you.

The third thing is all our ancillary offerings. We offer things like rent guarantee.

If you’re running your own house, you don’t have guaranteed rent. Access to vendors. If you’re renting your own house, you don’t have the preferred access to vendors that somebody like us does.

And the last thing I would say is landlord-tenant laws.

Just because you don’t understand Alabama or a state’s landlord specific tenant laws, then that doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow them.

And it’s very important. We know those types of things and we know how to make sure to keep you out of trouble.

So that’s it. I’m Matthew Whitaker with “Questions Owners Ask.”