Hey everybody. Matthew Whitaker back with another Questions Owners Ask.

Today’s question is kind of weird, it is when would gkhouses not be a good fit for you?

So, I’m gonna give you some scenarios where I feel like we’re not gonna to be a good fit for you, and there are truly are some scenarios.

And, I think it’s very important, I’m glad that you’re watching this video. I’ve got my notes on the screen so I may be peeking over there.

First one is kind of an overarching theme, if you need a lot of hand-holding and or want to micromanage.

Now, I’m not saying that in a negative way. There are boutique property managers out there that manage very small number of houses and they are…you can call them on their cell phone and get them, they’re more like a real estate agent than they are probably a property management company, and there’s all types of benefits to scale which is what we have.

But these smaller managers, you can certainly pick up the phone, get them on their cell phone. So, if you want more of like a real estate agent style property manager, that kind of jack of all trades, that’s probably not gonna be your best fit with us.

If you want to pick the tenant, you’re probably not going to be a good fit for us because we like to pick the tenant.

We feel like we’ve got years and years and years of experience of picking good tenants. We feel like particularly if you’re picking one or two tenants a year, we’re picking hundreds, maybe thousands of tenants a year. We’re just better at doing that just because we do it a whole lot more.

The next one is if you want to handle all your own maintenance.

This we found that owners that handle all their own maintenance pose a challenge because our goal, our relationships with the tenant, we wanna get the maintenance done quickly, communicate with the tenant. And when that comes out of our hands, that becomes a huge challenge.

Now, if you’re an investor like a big investor and you have your own maintenance team, we obviously understand that you’re also in the same businesses with us.

Really I’m talking to the one house owner that wants to handle all their maintenance. Maybe they have a brother-in-law or something that can do the maintenance.

The last thing is, I would say somebody that wants to manage through us. In other words, you wanna be the manager, but you basically wanna dictate through us.

Again, this is somewhat like micromanaging. Again, not a bad thing, there’s certainly people out there that can do it.

The people we are looking for as the ones that truly want to be hands-off landlords, they truly want to take to benefit from our expertise, benefit from our scale, and that’s just the type perfect client that we have, the ones that trust us that we can communicate with efficiently and ones that want us to handle what we’re experts at, what our day job is.

So that’s it. I’m Matthew Whitaker with Questions Owners Ask.